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Setup BPM Methodology & Standard
Setting up a Business Process Management (BPM)
Process Modelling
Explore the power of Process Modeling to visualize and comprehend business processes
Process Mining
Process Mining provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to measure and control the actual
Process Governance
Elevate your process ownership with Process Governance, a crucial aspect overseen
Process Automation​
Process automation utilizes technology to streamline tasks, eliminating manual intervention.
Governance, Risk & Compliance
GRC Management ensures effective, responsible operations
Strategy Mapping
Strategy mapping visually represents an organization’s objectives, goals
SAP Blueprinting & Manage Global & Local Projects
SAP Blueprinting is the strategic planning phase before
Business & IT Capabilities Mapping
Business and IT capabilities mapping is a strategic process that
Optimization Of IT Portfolios
Every organization relies on its IT portfolio to underpin Business and IT Capability Planning
Lifecycle Of Technology Component
Each technology within your portfolio undergoes a lifecycle that

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